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In 1922, Johnathan Ackley is sent on a quest to find his estranged uncle's missing daughter only to discover a twisted web of bizarre characters that are being plagued by an indescribable evil.
Genre:  Murder/Mystery

Runtime: 110 min

Director & Cast

Vincent Shade directs The Letter: A Lovecraftian Tale.  Being a veteran in the film industry for over 12 years and HUGE Lovecraft fan, Vincent was the perfect choice to bring this story to it's ever growing cult following.  All the talent in the film are local stars that bring fresh faces to the screen along with stunningly powerful performances.

Coming Soon!

The Theatrical Cut is Ready for Viewing and Distribution.

The Extended Director's Cut will have 12 extra minutes of storyline and Eldritch battles that will be ready in Summer.

Trailer For The Letter: A Lovecraftian Tale


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The Letter: A Lovecraftian Tale

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